TUHWA – Flower Cards, The Korean Traditional Cards Hwatu, The Beauty and Culture of Korea / Handmade / Artwork / Wooden Box / Hanafuda

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◦ The playing cards being recreated by using the Korea’s traditional coloring method to draw animals and plants on the faces of the cards which were difficult to identify.
◦ It is packed with drawings based on the actual Hwatu referring to Korean folk paintings and royal palace paintings.
◦ From old times, Korean folk paintings have been the symbols of praying for health, longevity, wealth and honor of the family members.
Tuhwa as elegant playing cards will be your token for making your wishes come true like Korean folk paintings.
◦ The original drawings corresponding to 12 months were drawn by brushes while each original drawing is divided by sections to make 4 cards, then editing them to make full set of 48 cards.
The 6 special cards are made by reinterpreting old Korean women’s accessories in a modern sense including ornamental hairpin, chignon ornament, binyo, norigae, and ornamental silver knife.
◦ The wooden box is handmade with solid wood finishing with environment-friendly stain and being engraved with the characters of ”鬪花 투화” to increase the worth of possession.
◦ The front side of instruction is in Korean and the flipside is in English having serial numbers on.
The paper band has a QR code which you can link to see the instruction and how to play.
◦ The small bubbles on the surface and different widths of margin on the surface of cards may be inevitable since it is completely handmade so please understand it when you buy.
◦ The wooden box may have knots while it may have various patterns of wood grain due to its nature.
◦ The lid of the box may have different level of opening and closing due to the contraction and expansion of wood.

Contents: 54 cards (48 regular cards and 6 special cards), a wooden box, a paper band, instruction, and warranty
Card size: 48×80(mm) / 1.89’x3.15’(in) ◦ Box size: 62x94x50(mm) / 2.44’x3.70’x1.97’(in) – The detailed drawings are bigger to be more identifiable while the feel of grip is not really different from regular Hwatu.
Materials: Plastic, environment-friendly water-based stain on a wooden box ◦ Weight: 272g / 9.59 oz
[Recommend to whom!] IF YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT TO BUY FOR A PRESENT – This Korean traditionally colored drawings and sincerely prepared wooden box will be long-lasting and Korea memorable gift. You can give your friends and family with the time to get together!
IF YOU ARE A COLLECTOR AND WANT TO GET YOUR HANDS ON PRECIOUS HWATU – You will not regret to buy this Tuhwa which is completed by the hands of the artist and will satisfy your needs for new design.

Price: $65.40
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