Table Tennis Patent Prints – Set of Four 8×10 Vintage Ping Pong Wall Art Decor Photos

Table Tennis Patent Prints

Everett Kaser patented the tennis table on March 26, 1935.
The main objects of this invention are to provide an improved metal topped table tennis board that prevents vibration during play. As well as to provide an improved table tennis board having a level playing surface that will not warp, chip, split, nor curl, and will withstand outdoor weather.

George Perryman filed a patent for the table tennis bat on August 13, 1935.
Some of the defects possessed by previous bats or paddles are that they warp, the coverings or facings on the bats loosen, and the handles are often so shaped that the bat must be uncomfortably held during playing of the game. This invention seeks to remedy the defects and to make the bat substantial, strong and comfortable to grasp and hold during play.

On August 31, 1937 Daniel Mabee patented the table tennis ball.
He wanted to create a more evenly balanced and lightweight ball that would be preferred by more experienced players.

The two-section foldable game table was patented on May 6, 1952 by Kenneth Sutton.
He created a Ping-pong table that can be folded so that it may be utilized for a game of a different character, and at the same time will occupy substantially only half the space which it occupies in normal use.


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