Ski Patent Prints – Set of Four 8×10 Vintage Wall Art Decor Photos

Ski Patent Prints Ski Patent Prints

These ski boots were patented on September 21, 1982. This invention provides a lean adjuster readily operable both on and off the mountain. The adjuster can be set to provide a particular boot forward lean angle, and then closed. The device can be opened to permit the boot upper to pivot relative to the boot lower. The adjuster can be on or locked to provide a particular forward lean angle, and it can be off or open so that the boot is free hinging.

Gaston Beauchef patented his ski goggles on June 30, 1970. Beauchef created a goggle that no longer filled with mist or streams of air that had a tendency to form on the screen on the google. He added an enveloping frame with a transparent screen that allowed ventilation with a closing flap.

On April 28, 1936 Raymond Anderson patented his laminated ski. The high velocities attained while skiing, create strains upon the ski. Anderson knew this and wanted to create a ski that would last to benefit the consumer. Instead of using one piece of hickory wood to create the ski he used two pieces to prevent wood warp. Some skis made from a single piece of wood can be warped before they even leave the store.

On May 29, 1934 John Dickson invented the ski pole grip and ring. He created a ski pole that had a detachable wheel and handle.


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