QJang Chinese Calligraphy Sumi Mulberry Paper Handmade Traditonal Technique Maobian Antique Style Half Ripe Rice Paper for Brush Writing Watercolor Sumi Drawing Kanji Painting Practice(50 Pcs,30x40cm)

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Due to different producing methods, Xuan paper can be classified into Shengxuan, Shuxuan, and Banshuxuan. Shengxuan (literally “Raw Xuan”), which is not specially processed, excels in its ability to absorb water, causing the ink on it to blur. Shuxuan (literally “Ripe Xuan”), however, has Potassium alum worked into it during production, which results in a stiffer texture, a reduced ability to absorb water, and less resistance to shear stress (meaning that it can be torn much more easily). This feature makes Shuxuan more suitable for Gongbi rather than Xieyi. Banshuxuan (literally “Half-ripe Xuan”) has intermediate absorbability, between Shengxuan and Shuxuan.

— Name: Chinese Calligraphy Paper
— Size: 30x40cm(11.8×15.75 inch) .
— Quantity: 50 sheets per package
— Suitable for Chinese Calligraphy Writing, Japanese or Kanji Writing, etc 

— run good ink, durable and strong anti-aging and difficult to change 
— the rice paper with a “tough and can run, light and not slippery, white dense, pure texture, rub off non-destructive, run strong ink” and other features 
— there is a unique penetration, lubrication performance 
— less insects, long life 

Warm tips:
— Please write on the smooth side
— Better to place a Calligraphy Felt or a newspaper under Chinese calligraphy Paper to improve performance and maintain desktop clean 
— When storing, please place several mothballs around 

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Size:30x40cm(11.8×15.75 inch); Color: tan(or light burlap).Good absorbency, fine texture, easy to get vivid art work.
Made from mulberry bark fiber for Sumi or Chinese brush painting.Semi-absorbent, suitable to most water-based art media.
When writing Chiense Calligraphy, Xuan Paper has a nice ability of water imbibition and ink diffusion.Not easily penetrated when painting. Can be neatly retained on the paper.
Moderate thickness. Not easy to fade. Suitable for Chinese calligraphy beginners and lovers.These xuan papers are made in the Anhui,Jinxian, the best original xuan paper center of China.
Chinese Calligraphy Paper is produced by traditional handicraft process, made from high quality raw tree. Specially offered for Chinese brush ink writing and Japanese or Kanji sumi writing. Generally, it is also called “Xuan paper” or “Rice paper”

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