Patent Consultant

A patent consultant is typically a lawyer that has multiple patent applicant customers at a time, and it’s more about a long-term relationship than it is about a specific project. There will certainly be projects in the course of being a patent consultant but the general idea is that you’re an always-available resource they can call on for big matters or small pertaining to patents.

Unlike the contractor, this involves a lot of juggling when the fluctuating demands of multiple customers come into play. It’s harder to get a deeper focus because of all the context swapping going on, but long term relationships are worth it in the long run.

A patent consultant usually offers a number of services to the patent applicant or inventor. A patent consultant can do novelty searches in order to evaluate the patentability of results in research & development and determine the protection scope of possible patent applications.

Patent consultant can do the following:

  • Patent searches
  • Patent application
  • Patent administration
  • Patent defense and maintenance

Patent Searches

Using technology searches, a patent consultant can evaluate whether your innovative ideas or concepts are patentable and indicate possible directions for further development. Additionally, a patent consultant can conduct patent searches on the inventor’s behalf and write reports on the patent status of a particular product to avoid patent infringement.

Patent Application

Applying for patents can be very costly. A patent consultant can offer project related advice supported by literature searches if desired. A patent consultant can draft the patent application in close collaboration with inventor and client in order to get a priority application ready for early filing. A patent consultant expertise in patent laws and the economical and commercial facets of patents enables them to assist you in making appropriate decisions and achieve an optimal cost-benefit ratio.

Patent Administration

Timely and worldwide filing of patent applications, including the required formal papers, payment of fees and administration of due dates of office actions, require a secure monitoring system. The establishment and management of files to prevent legal losses is also necessary. Patent administration is managed by a patent consultant using the appropriate administration software. A patent consultant can do a professional file management, due date and invoice control as well as a clear cost record and invoice.

Patent Defense and Maintenance

The enforcement of patent rights is a complex process where the experience of patent attorneys proves indispensable. In cooperation with you, a patent consultant defends patent applications worldwide in examination, opposition and appeal proceedings.