Laundry Room Patent Prints – Set of Six 8×10 Vintage Wall Art Decor Photos

Laundry Room Patent Prints

Laundry Patent Prints

John McLaughlin invented his laundry wringer on September 20, 1870.
A clothes wringer removes water from clothes and towels.

Franklin Bickel invented his washing machine on April 26, 1887.
This machine is described as a pounder washing-machine, meaning the pounders automatically operate in connection with a revolving tub.

On July 4, 1893 Gustave Carlson invented the splint laundry basket.
He designed his laundry basket by first interweaving the splints together in two parts or sections, so as to form a diamond shaped figure of them, the two sections being brought together so as to form the sides of the basket.

George Lutomski invented the washboard on March 27, 1894.
The object of these improvements is to provide a wash-board that allows the water to flow through it. The exposed edges are rounded so clothes will not tear.

William Butler Simpson invented the sad iron on November 10. 1908.
He created a simple, strong and durable iron with detachable handles. The handle is meant to be easily and quickly applied to and removed from the body of the sad iron.

On March 2, 1926 Frank Lavendier invented his version of the ironing board.
He created a board that was extremely light yet strong.


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