Jellyfish, Nautical Theme Wall Hanging Plaques, Sea Life Ocean Creature, Authentic Upcycled Artwork, Handmade in Haiti 17 x 7 Inches

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Product Description

Jelllyfish Haitian Metal Wall Art

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The hypnotic dance of the jellyfish, re-imagined in recycled metal. This marvelously detailed piece can enhance any “under-the-sea” themed decorative arrangement.

No hanger needed…

This graceful jellyfish can glide across your walls with very little effort.  Simply use two small nails, one near the body, and one lower in one of the entwined tentacles, to display at any angle you choose. You’ll find that the nails disappear into the piece once it is hung.  

Concerned abour hanging it outside?  Don’t be. This delightful jelly comes with a weather-proof coating that will protect it from the elements for a year or so.  By then, you might want to give it a fresh coating of clear, spray-on enamel, available inexpensively at any hardware store. About 5 minutes once a year is all it takes. Simple!

Wall art?

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Be creative!  Wall art, yes, but there are so many other possibilities.  Nestle your jelly in a tree, dangle it from the ceiling, lean it on a shelf, or perch it on a rock. And if your backyard looks like the photo on the right, how lucky are you??? You should buy a whole school of jellies.  They will feel right at home and be so happy there!

Handmade in Haiti

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Creating sculptures from recycled metal drums is a multi-step process.  Following four generations of tradition, techniques have changed little over the years.

To begin, the barrels are cleaned flattened, and sanded by laborers.  From there, the artist takes over.  First, he chalks his design onto the prepared metal.  Then, using only a hammer and chisel, he begins the tedious – and strenuous! – work of cutting and shaping the piece, giving it form, texture, and dimension.

Our work in Haiti has been ongoing for nearly 20 years.  With your purchases, and our adherence to fair trade practices, our artists and their families prosper.  

The graceful dance of a jellyfish, recreated in metal. This well-crafted piece can be a stunning accent in any “under-the-sea” decorative arrangement.
Size: 6″ X 17″ Signed by artist Kendy Belony
You can almost see the graceful dance of the jellyfish in this peaceful Haitian Metal sculpture.
Color variations from dark silver to brown rustic tones.
It’s Cactus Metal Art Haiti

Price: $38.50
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