Firemen Patent Wall Art Prints – Set of Six 8×10 Photos – Unique Firefighter Gift Idea for the Fireman in your life!

Firemen Patent Wall Art Prints

Fireman Patent Prints

On July 16 1889 James Hopkins created his adaptation of the firemen’s helmet. He simply wanted to improve the strength and durability of the helmet without adding to its weight.

The fireman’s safety helmet was invented by George Barian on Oct 28, 1890 . Before George’s design the helmets did not include the glass covering the firefighter’s face. He also added an air-tank connected with the mouthpiece on the mask. This controlled the air supply from the air-tank to the mouth and to the outside for exhalation.

On July 21, 1903 Arthur O Babendreier patented his improvement for the fire hydrant. He added a compression valve that closes with the pressure of the water instead of against so that the pipe can be drained to prevent its freezing after the main valve has closed.

Joseph Nethery invented the Water-tower fire-truck safety appliance on Dec. 5, 1905. Often times when the water pressure was too high the fire trucks would overturn because of the power of the water. This addition to the hose now automatically reduces the flow of water to the point where the truck will stay grounded.

Ervin B. Arnsbarger invented the combination firemans ax and Wrecking tool in 1940. Firefighters are trained to use an axe to assist them in freeing people from dangerous situations.

Joseph H. De Frees’s improved invention for the fire truck was patented on Dec. 12, 1950 . He was looking to provide a design for a fire truck that was compact in size but able to carry all of the necessary items for fire extinguishing. Items that include its own generous water supply, hoses, ladders and pumps.


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