Cowboy Patent Art Prints – Set of 6 Western Wall Decor 8×10 Photos Spurs Colt Peacemaker Lasso Bridle Saddle Horseshoe

Cowboy Patent Art Prints

Cowboy Patent Prints

On Aug 31, 1920 Samuel Canter invented the bridle and halter.
This invention relates to harness and more particularly to an improved bridle which may be employed either as a driving bridle or as a halter.

The horseshoe was patented by Peter Hoppesch on Nov 8, 1898.
The object of our invention is to provide improved means for securing the said spring plate within the recess, which will not only support the calk more securely upon the shoe.

William Davis patented his riding saddle on Oct 6, 1896.
This relates to improvements in spring-seat saddles and in spring-stirrups which can be used in cavalry, light artillery, cowboy, and all gentlemen riding-saddles.

Edgar Shaw patented the lasso on Aug 29, 1893.
The lasso is intended as a toy but at the same time applicable for many of the practical uses, such as catching animals.

Anson Mills patented the spur on July 24, 1877.
The main object of my invention is to provide an improved method of securing the rowel in place by the use of a leather band or other soft flexible material.

William Mason patented the revolving fire arm on Jan 19, 1875.
The revolving fire arm uses a movable magazine or clip as feeding element using a revolving drum magazine in guns of small arm type.


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