Carpenter Patent Prints – Set of Six 8×10 Woodworking Wall Art Decor Photos

Carpenter Patent Prints

Carpenter Patent Prints

Henry Phillips filed his patent for the screwdriver on July 7, 1936.
A Phillips screwdriver is a tool that has a cross shape and features the ability to self center. It has a substantial core with equally gripping surfaces for engagement with the grooved portions of the recess in the screw head.

On Nov. 18, 1924 John William invented an improved version of the hammer.
He wanted to provide a new and improved claw hammer that would provide a strong enough handle to practically eliminate the danger of it breaking.

On Oct. 10, 1899 Robert Miller patented the carpenter’s square.
On his invention the two legs may be separated and the square placed within a comparatively small box or chest.

Frank Bailey invented an improved version of the bench plane on April 16,1889.
His bench plane has a laterally adjusting level which does not necessitate the employment of a longitudinal slot in the cutting bit.

On May 13, 1884 Isaiah Furbish invented his hand drill.
He invented a new and useful drill with a set of gear-wheels, and other mechanisms arranged upon a suitable spindle.

On Aug. 15, 1821 John Tyler invented an improved version of the hand saw.
Tyler cut a hole in the handle to make the hand saw easier to grasp and safer to use.


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