Bathroom Patent Wall Art Prints – Set of Four Photos

Bathroom Patent Wall Art Prints

Bathroom Patent Prints

This set of 4 beautiful bathroom patent prints will make a great addition to any restroom. Each 8×10 print will look fabulous as framed decorative wall art. What great conversation pieces… you’ll have your guests talking!

The toilet paper roll was invented on Dec. 22nd, 1891 by Seth Wheeler.
This patent will solve an argument that has plagued most households at least once, but now the age-old question of whether toilet paper should sit under or over the roll has finally been solved. And how can you argue with the inventor?

Gabriel M Kazanjian invented an improved version of the hairdryer on June 6, 1911.
This new device permits the heater to be disconnected or detached, so that when someone wants to dry their hair with cool air the heater may be removed and the fan can operate manually.

On July 14, 1936 Herbert Macdonald invented the toilet seat and cover.
This seat and cover allowed you to have two different lids on your toilet for multiple uses. You were able to cover the toilet completely, lift the lid to reveal a seat, or uncover the toilet completely.

Peter Ganine invented the toy duck on April 26, 1949.
It was designed as a toy for young children to play with in the bath that would float that is now known today as the rubber duck!


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